This thing stores any small features that don't really deserve a dedicated full module.

Toolbelt setup extractorEdit

With this tool, you can extract in-game toolbelt setup and save it as an "exec" ready file. This means, that if you put this file in autoexec location (for example in your wurm client config dir, by default), then you can execute it in console:

exec myToolbeltSetup.txt

You can also bind it to keys:

bind ctrl-F1 "exec myToolbeltSetup.txt"

This will instantly rearrange the toolbelt to how it was set in this setup.

Note: Toolbelts are saved only when wurm client is closed. This means, that you can't rearrange your toolbelt in the client and immediatelly extract it with this tool - you will get the old setup instead. So always do it with these steps:

  1. Rearrange the toolbelt for particular setup you want
  2. Close wurm client
  3. Extract the toolbelt setup with this tool and save with a meaningful name in autoexec dir
  4. Bind it to a key to your likings

Also remember, each and every item in Wurm is unique, so a brand new pickaxe will not be remembered in old setup. It is the same tool type, but not the same item! Setup has to be recreated again.

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