Custom Timers are useful for Spell and Abilitiy cooldows as well as less commonly used skills such as Lockpicking that can only be gained every 10 minutes.

How to setup Custom TimersEdit

To create a Custom Timer you first click the Custom Timer button at the bottom of the Timers screen. The Custom Timer Configuration screen will load showing you a list of all of your current Custom Timers. You can either select and existing one to Edit or Delete, or click Add to create a new one.
From the Create Custom Timer screen you will need to add a timer name in the 'My timer shall be called...' text box. Next, enter text to search for in the 'and it should start if this condition is found...' text box and select if it is a Regular Expression search. Pick the log file for it to find that condition from the 'in this log...' pulldown list. The duration is set with the time controls in the 'Cooldown will last...' section. Finally, decide whether or not your timer is reset every 24 hours of server uptime.

Library of Custom TimersEdit

This section will store a list of known conditions for commonly used Custom Timers. Feel free to share any you have found useful that are not yet in the list.

Timer Name Condition RegEx Log Searched Duration 24hour
Courier (You succeed in summoning more spirits into the)|(You frown as you fail to summon more animal spirits into the) Yes Event 5 Min No
Enchant Tile You let your love change the area. No Event 18 Hours No
Genesis You cast 'Genesis' on No Event 30 Min No
Get Info I/III You decide to classify No Event 18 Hours No
Get Info II (Below ground.)|(Above ground.) Yes Event 18 Hours No
Lockpicking Lock picking increased by No Skills 10 Min No
Refresh a warm thought No Event 18 Hours


Turn Sleep Bonus back On You refrain from using the sleep bonus. No Event 5 Min No
Recall Home You close your eyes and let your spirit fly home. No Event 12 Hours No
Final Breath You sharpen your thoughts into a shining arrow of energy No Combat 2 Hours No

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