Log seacher
"Tired of digging through your hundreds or thousands of wurm log files? Why not search from a single window then?"

This feature allows you to search all your logs of all your characters from single window. It will display a list of everything that happened in logs of single type and even highlight everything that match "search key". Click a result to quickly jump to that log line.

How it worksEdit

There are many search options to get you exactly what you need.

First of all you need to select character name, log type and time frame. If you chose PM log type, you will also have an option to input player name to narrow the search. If you'd rather view all PMs within from-to dates, leave player name blank.

There are two types of search, Match and Custom regular expression.

Match is the default and simple option and usually enough for your needs. It simply searches for the word or phrase, in a case-insensitive fashion.

Custom regular expression mode uses RegEx (formal language of search based on metacharacters). You can learn more about it here . This is an advanced option.

An example of regex search criteria:

You find.+(emerald|diamond|black opal|opal|ruby|star diamond|star emerald|star ruby|star sapphire)

This used for event logs will tell you how many gems you've found in given time frame. And that's just a simple case of regex.

Regex search is particularly useful for Sound Triggers feature, since if the condition works in searcher, it will work for the custom sound triggers as well.

If you find particularly useful regex patterns for these searches, feel free to add them to this page.

Useful informationEdit

If you suspect that search results are wrong, use Fix Broken Searcher Database button. Situations like this can happen, when some old logs are removed, Wurm is reinstalled to another directory or some player folders are deleted. This rebuilds entire cache (that's used to make normal searches faster) and may take a while, especially if there are many monthly logs.

Log searcher works correctly for daily, monthly or any mix of these types, however single-file log mode is not supported.

Renaming log files is not advised, program uses default file names to figure, what log type they're from and the date stamps.

Bugs / Issues / To-DoEdit

Currently the epic-specific log files are not available. Someone needs to provide sample log files for these chats, so proper code can be written to recognize them.

If you can help with these, mail to:

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