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This feature tracks all seasonal plants in Wurm (including if they have multiple harvest seasons). It sorts by order in which they are about to come, with those currently in season on top. It shows in how much time they start and for how long they will last.

The start and duration times are taken from Wurmpedia and may not be 100% accurate, but the list can be modified.

How it worksEdit

Before calendar gets to work correctly, it needs to be configured. Selecting a server is enough to get the list to appear. Picking one you play on is probably best for highest date accuracy.

You can also configure calendar to let you know, when certain seasons start, either with a sound or tray message or both.

Notifications appear when (this list may no longer be accurate):

  • Wurm Assistan was just launched and tracked item is in season;
  • Tracked item has just come in season;
  • Wurm Online Client has been started and tracked item is in season.

This ensures that informations will not be missed.

You can add any new plants to list by clicking "Mod the season list" button. You will need to restart module or Assistant for changes to take effect. Using modded list makes you responsible for updating it in future, should new seasons be added to the game. Thats because only default list is updated with Assistant updates.

Useful informationEdit

Wurm time runs 8x faster than real time.

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