Wurm Assistant provides a couple advanced timers for:

  • Meditation (meditate and path question)
  • Priest (prayer, sermon, alignment)
  • Selling items on tokens

It also allows for the creation of Custom Timers .

All timers will trigger automatically, by monitoring in-game events.

Setting Up Standard TimersEdit

To enable any timer, first click Add/Remove button in lower-left corner, then choose game character(s) to add timer groups for.

Once characters are added, use the Add button next to each character name to add individual timers. To configure timer settings, simply right-click that timer.

Every timer has a few standard options, that allow setting notifications (tray message or sound). Some timers will also have an extra button "More options...", where you can find things specific to this particular timer.

Some of these special options include:

  • Prayer: notifying when favor reaches certain level and showing faith skill on timer.
  • Meditation: reminder to turn off sleep bonus and showing meditation skill on timer.
  • Path question: (re)setting timer.
  • Alignment: changing between black and white-light as well as religions.

More Options in detailEdit

Most of the standard timers has a More Options screen.


Meditation Setup

For Meditation the screen allows you to popup a notification for when you can turn your sleep bonus back off if you use it while meditating.

Path Question

For Path Question there is a button to allow you to manually set the cooldown for the next question if for some reason the event for the last question was not logged on your current system.

Prayer Setup

The Prayer Timer options allow you to setup notification for when your favor reaches a specified level.

Alignment Setup

The Alignment Timer options allow you to set if you are White or Black light as well as which specific God you follow. Each God tends to have a different action that can be performed to gain alignment so you need to make sure you have this set correctly if you expect it to work even somewhat well.

The Sermon Timer does not have any specific setup.


Alignment timer is useful for sermons, even if you don't hold them yourself, as long as you participate, it can help you to determine, if you will count for the priest sermon skill gain. Recently gaining alignment prevents that from happening, and if priest gains less than 0.12 faith, s/he will not get the prayer count reset.

Alignment timer can be unreliable. Please understand, due to wurm limitations, if you have 100 favor (or -100 for blacklight), the timer will not trigger on every occasion, some conditions are untrackable and others have fuzzy documentation on wurm wiki.

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