Regex Patterns for use in WA2.x' Edit

Event Timers Edit

  • When setting up even timers, make sure you check the box As Regex pattern
  • When using numbers remember to change to your regional 'comma', so 90.00 or 90,00

General Edit

Skills Log Edit
  • To add any skill the format is:
<skill name> increased by \d\.\d+ to 41\.\d+
Change the last full/partial number (E.G. 41) to the number that you want.
In the case of 41.xx change 41\.\d to: 41\.25 for 41.25

  • Smithing increased by 0.00717 to 95.251
.+ increased by \d\.\d+ to 95\.25
Smithing increased by \d\.\d+ to 95\.25 [1]
  • Animal Husbandry (to see all negative traits)
Animal husbandry increased by \d\.\d+ to 41\.\d+
  • Body Control (to use animals)
Body control increased by \d\.\d+ to 21\.\d+
Other Logs Edit
  • PM or Name notification (Make sure you choose the correct log to monitor. E.G. PM
^((?!\<yournamehere\>).)+$ [2]

Local Logs

  • Local notification, excluding Spirit Templar, and yourself

^((?!<Yourname>)(?!<Spirit templar>).)*$

Priest Characters Edit

  • Circle of Cunning (cast)
You cast 'Circle of Cunning'
  • Wind of Ages (cast)
You cast 'Wind of Ages'
  • Either/Or:
You cast 'Circle of Cunning'|You cast 'Wind of Ages'
  • Successful Casting of CoC or WoA [3]
The <random> will now increase skill gained when used OR The <random> will now be quicker to use.
The .+ will now increase skill gained when used|The .+ will now be quicker to use

External Links Edit

  • General triggers:

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